Strawberry, Melon & Cucumber Salad £5.95
A fresh salad of sliced strawberries, pearls of melon and sliced cucumber topped by a refreshing dressing made with natural yogurt and mint.

Homemade Soup of the Day £5.50
A bowl of freshly homemade soup served piping hot with crusty bread croutons.

Marinated Salmon & Potato Salad £5.95
Diced new potatoes, pieces of marinated salmon topped by a classic pesto and served on a bed of rocket.

Grilled Butterfly Sardines with Lemon & Garlic. £5.75
Butterfly sardines cooked under a hot grill with freshly chopped garlic and lemon butter.

Roquefort Cheese, Mushroom & Tomato Fusilli £5.85
Sliced mushrooms bound in a cheese sauce, topped with sliced tomatoes & Roquefort cheese then baked a hot oven until brown.

Mushrooms with Bacon and Apples. £5.85
Button mushrooms, diced apple and lardons of bacon, cooked in butter, served topped with melted mozzarella cheese.


Grilled Chicken with Chorizo £14.95
Pieces of diced chicken breast, chorizo sausage and red pepper threaded onto a wooden skewer grilled and served on a bed of herb cous cous.

Fillet Steak with Dijon & Spring Onions £19.95
A prime cut of fillet steak, cooked to your liking smothered in a creamy Dijon mustard and spring onion sauce.

Medallions of Pork with Cider & Pear £14.95
Medallions of pork, pan fried then topped with a sauce of local Biddenden cider & pear.

Thai Style Tempura Fish £15.95
Pieces of fish and seafood cooked in tempura batter or panko breadcrumbs, served with a stir fry of oriental vegetable & noodles.

Minty Lamb £18.95
A rack of lamb, baked until pink in the oven served on a minted pea puree, topped with a sweet fresh mint sauce.

Mushroom, Spinach & Leek Tartlet £12.50
A filo tartlet filled sliced mushroom, sautéed leeks and spinach, topped with cheese and egg, then baked in a hot oven.

Selection of Desserts from £5.50
Coffee & Mint Chocolates £2.70

All prices are inclusive of vegetables / Service is not included